Wedding Suits

Our Wedding Suits Range

1Everyone wants to look perfect on a wedding day. A bride will go to great lengths to make sure she is looking perfect for that special day. We believe the Groom should do the same. A great wedding suit will perfectly compliment the Brides and make the occasion complete.
Our aim is to do just that: Make suits that will put you on the same level of elegance. After all, it’s the most important day of our lives and it’s a “once in a lifetime event”
We have expert knowledge in helping the groom chose the best suit that fits perfectly for the wedding day. Our wedding suits are all custom made to suit your exact body measurements so it fits perfectly.
We recommend a three piece suit for weddings for that absolute sharpness. However, If you have a knack for English Gentlemen, we recommend a three-piece tweed suit. They are absolutely fabulous for weddings.
If you want us to help you, we can arrange an appointment with you to discuss your wedding needs.

Schedule an appointment with us for the whole wedding party and we will come to you to take some of the stress of travelling.

Most people usually submit their measurements online to us and we give them a call to discuss if we have to. This reduces the cost of the whole experience and saves a lot of time. Most local tailors at the dry cleaner will happily take your measurements for you or you can just follow our guide and let a friend do it for you. It’s so easy you won’t even believe it!