Tweed Suit Hire

Tweed Suit Hire

We are pleased to offer most of our suit range for hire. We understand that not everyone wants/can afford to buy suits for that special occasion but that does not mean you should not wear a special suit for your special day. This is why we have put together this special tweed suit hire package for you.

Our Tweed Suit Hire is a great way to secure your outfit for any type of function for less. We’re very glad to offer individual and group hire.

We have packages for every occasion: Weddings, Royal Ascot, Goodwood, Traditional Festivals, School Proms and much more.

Hire Packages & Prices

Three Piece – £120

Two Piece – £100

Jacket and Waistcoat – £90

Trousers and Waistcoat – £90

Jacket Only – £80

Waistcoat Only – £50

Trouser Only – £60

There is a Refundable Security Deposit of £75 per suit hired. Your Card will be pre-authorised for this.The pre-authorisation will be removed once everything is returned on time and in perfect condition. Please Note that your card will be charged in the event of any damages or late return.


Suit Hire Style

  • 2 Buttons
  • Notch Lapel
  • 2 Straight Pockets With Flap
  • 2 Back Vents
  • Flat Fronted Trousers (No Pleat)
  • 4 Cuff Buttons
  • 5 Buttons on Waistcoat
  • Jacket Size Range of 36″ to 48″; Short (S), Regular (R) or Long (L)
  • Trouser Size Range of 30″ to 42″
  • Trouser Length: Short (28″), Regular (30″), Long (32″), Extra Long (34″)

The Hire Range

We will really want you to have the suit you want for your occasion. Most of our suits can be hired. Just send us an email and let us know which one you have in mind and we will tell you if that is available. Our Tweed Suit Hire packages are also listed on this page.

Below is a list of the suits we have available for hire:

Blue Classic Herringbone Plaid

Blue Herringbone Tweed Suit

Grey Classic Barleycorn

Grey Classic Barleycorn Tweed Suit

Charcoal Herringbone Striped

Charcoal Grey Herringbone Striped Tweed

Brown Classic Herringbone

Brown Classic Herringbone Tweed Suit

Brown Classic Barleycorn

Men's Brown Classic Barleycorn Suit

British Classic Grey Herringbone

British Classic Grey Herringbone Tweed

Classic Beige Herringbone Plaid

Brown Herringbone Tweed Plaid Suit

Gentlemen's Blue Overcheck

Gentlemen's Blue Overcheck Tweed Suit

Hire Period

We will do our best to deliver your suit(s) to you 1 or 2 days before the event and must be returned the next working day after your event. If you pay for the delivery and/or collection, a return label will be included in the package. The package must be handed over to the selected courier at the nearest drop off point the next working day after the event date.
Your contractual hire is one day.  You only hire the suit for the event date as stated on your invoice. We send suits to you early and give you the suits 1 or 2 days early so you can try them on and get them ready for the hire day. We do this for peace of mind. Please note that we are not contracted to do this but we will always do our very best to deliver the suits to you as early as possible so you can have your peace of mind in knowing that you have them ready.
We also collect the suits from the courier drop off point as indicated on your return sheet the next working day or give you 2 days to return the suits to store to give you time to get them together.
Please note that there will be a £15 charge per day per suit for late returns. This will come out of your security deposit if suits are returned late.

Your suits can also be picked up from our studio 2 days before the event and must be returned to us the next working day after the event.
We can also arrange a DHL/DPD Delivery and Collection from you for peace of mind.

Delivery & Pickup

  • The cost of delivery is £15 for up to 4 Suits. £5 per any additional suit.
    • You will need to arrange the return of the suits
  • The cost of delivery and pickup is £30 for up to 4 Suits. £8 per any additional suit.
    • We will send your suits to you by DHL and will book for DHL to pick up the suits from you the next working day after your event for peace of mind. You will receive an email with the return label and instructions on how to arrange DPD pick up. You do not pay anything to DPD.

Please Note:

  • Hired Suits cannot be custom made. We make hired suits with standard suit sizes and standard style options.
  • We reserve the right to substitute for the nearest size up on all items.
  • We do not provide odd or in between sizes for hire.
  • You can opt for a Regular Fit or Slim Fit in both jacket and/or trousers.

The Hire Process

  1. Find what suit you want for your event from our range of suits available for hire.
  2. Click Here to send an enquiry form to find out if it’s available for hire on your event date.
  3. Give us all the sizes you need them in. (You can also book an appointment to come to our shop. We can better help you get the right sizes).
  4. We will put the order together for you once all is confirmed and send you an invoice.
  5. Once you are ok to proceed, you can proceed and click the “PAY” link on the invoice to pay for your suits.
  6. Payments MUST be made and all sizes confirmed NO LATER THAN 35 DAYS prior to your event. We reserve the right to cancel or reject a Tweed Suit Hire order if payment is not made within the 35 days notice period.
  7. Send us a proof of ID and address so we know who is hiring.